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One robust, intuitive app that helps you manage your culinary operations, saves you time, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.

For Single Location and Multi-Location Operations

Used by restaurants, universities, prepared meal services, grocers, caterers, and for
corporate hospitality, grab-n-go and CPG

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Recipe Management & Nutrition Facts

All your recipes in one place, where you can manage, edit and scale them, and automatically get their nutrition facts and allergens. Read-only accounts for your staff and in the kitchen.


Cost Control & Production Plans

Parsley understands your recipes, instantly calculates costs, and shows you how changes affect your bottom line. Cooking and prep instructions are created and scaled accurately and automatically.

Label Design & Printing

Use Parsley’s label-template editor to design your labels, then use the templates to print labels for your grab-n-go items and your packaged meals.


Inventory & Purchasing

Take inventory by location, shelf-to-sheet, or GL. Value is calculated automatically. Purchasing can be done based on pars or to forecast, with inventory subtracted.

We’ve been using Parsley for over 3 years to manage production of our prepared foods.  Parsley has been a game changer, saving us countless hours, and ensuring that we can maintain our high quality while fulfilling expanding customer demand.

Jamie Nessel
VP, Assortment, GoodEggs

I’ve used many of the leading software tools for back of house management.  Parsley is much more nimble, much more functional, and much more advanced.

David Bolosan
Culinary Director, Nourish

We’ve been using Parsley almost from Salty’s inception. Since then we’ve been growing leaps and bounds and Parsley has been with us every step of the way. From helping us with R&D to maintaining consistency across our many locations, Parsley is intuitive, easy to use, and the support is fantastic!

Andy Rodriguez

We use Parsley for our production planning, portion management and ordering.  It saves us time, improves our COGS and consistency, and frees us up to serve our customers.  At first our cafe managers were hesitant to try it, now we can’t do without it.

Chris Pasquale
Administration Manager, The Cafe Collective

Implementing Parsley instantly helped us increase profitability at TJ’s Seafood Market & Grills. And we used Parsley to develop, cost & scale all recipes launching our newest concept Malibu Poke

Jon Alexis
Owner, TJ’ Seafood & Malibu Poke

Parsley helped our meal delivery company eliminate spreadsheets and scale from $166 to $1.1 million in annual revenue in 2.5 years. We wouldn’t have been able to grow at the rate we have without it. Also 10 out of 10 customer support! Thanks Parsley!

Heather Emerson
Founder, Prep to Your Door

I am continually amazed at how much Parsley has reduced waste and improved my prep efficiency.

Brigid Miklas
Catering Kitchen Lead, Seasons Catering

Powerful ingredient management

Use Parsley’s built-in ingredient library, and add your own as needed. Parsley automatically converts between units of measure – between weight and volume, between metric and imperial, and between your recipe measurements and the
packaging your suppliers provide.

Recipe costing, scaling and pricing

All your recipes in one place, where you can cost, price, and scale them, and instantly see the effect of recipe changes on your bottom line. Then use those recipes to create your forecasts or events, and automatically get prep lists and production plans with the exact quantities you need.

Full nutrition facts

Immediately see each recipe’s standard USDA label, full ingredient list, allergens, and dietary characteristics, and instantly see how they’re affected by recipes changes.

Label printing

Create your label templates on Parsley’s online editor and use them to print labels for your packaged items. Parsley automatically pulls data from your recipes and production plans including price, ingredient lists, nutrition facts and expiration dates, as well as barcodes and QR codes.

Tiered access levels

Assign access levels based on your staff’s responsibilities. Read-only accounts for the kitchen, Operations for production planning and purchasing, Inventory-only when needed.

Track your inventory

Parsley creates your inventory sheets automatically, and adds to them as you add or change recipes. Use our mobile app to take partial or full inventory, take it by location, by GL, or by both, and instantly see its value. Parsley creates your par lists the same way, making sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Place and receive your orders

Parsley automatically prepares and places your orders based on the parameters you choose, including par levels, special events, and current inventory.

Expand to multiple locations

Create separate accounts for each location. Share recipes and cost information with them. They can then add their own recipes, use their own suppliers for some or all ingredients, see their own recipe costing, and price accordingly.



Parsley’s Open API, standard app integrations, and data uploader provide you with multiple ways to connect to your suppliers, third party apps and customer-facing systems.

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