Nutrition Facts and Nutritional Transparency – Why Your Need Them Even If You’re A Small Restaurant

Nutrition Facts and Nutritional Transparency – Why Your Need Them Even If You’re A Small Restaurant


Restaurants often assume they won’t need their recipe’s nutrition facts because they’re small enough (less than 20 locations) to not fall under the FDA’s requirement for food labeling. But today’s customers want nutritional transparency – they want to know what’s in the food they’re eating, both in a large sense – allergens, dietary characteristics(vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, contains dairy…), calories, and a more specific sense – what ingredients, how much carbs, how much protein.  Parsley instantly provides you all that information for all your recipes, so that your servers, takeout customers, and grab & go food are covered.


Parsley provides nutrition information of several kinds:


1.   A full ingredient list for the dish (which includes also any ingredients that are part of the sub-recipes it uses).

2.   A list of all allergens in the dish
3.   The dietary characteristics of the dish (such as Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Contains Pork, etc.)
4.   A full USDA label, adhering to the new USDA 2018/2019 requirements, which includes calories, carbohydrates, proteins,


This information is provided just by clicking on the Show Nutrition Info button on your recipe page, and can be included in any menu printout. This is important for several reasons:


1.   Customers at any size restaurant may have allergy concerns, and servers, and even chefs, may have trouble remembering if a certain allergen appears in a certain dish. Having a menu “cheat sheet” that indicates allergens is an excellent way to ensure you give correct information. An allergic reaction is best to avoid!
2.   Customers often want to know what ingredients are in a dish, or if a particular one is included. Having a list in front of them makes it so much easier for a server to answer that question
3.   Customers often have specific dietary preferences, and making it easy to know if a dish matches their preference (i.e., is Vegetarian, contains Dairy, etc), reassures them and is good for business
4.   If you’re adding grab-n-go, all the above (ingredient list, allergens, and dietary characteristics) are good information to include on the label, and a full USDA label may be needed if you want to sell it through other channels.


For all these reasons we provide Nutrition Facts as an integral part of your recipe management system. With Parsley you won’t need to do any extra work. Just click on Show Nutrition Facts, or click to include them with your staff’s menu printout, and you have them.


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