Let Parsley manage your ingredients.

Parsley automatically converts between units of measure, between metric and English, between volume and weight, between your recipe measurements and the packaging your suppliers provide.


Store, cost, price, and scale your recipes.

All your recipes in one place, where you can search, cost, price, and scale them, and instantly see the effect of recipe changes on your bottom line.

Full nutrition facts.

Parsley provides you with a standard USDA label, full ingredient list, allergens, and dietary characteristics.

Read-only accounts for your kitchen.

Your staff is able to view and scale recipes, while ensuring that no accidental changes are introduced.


Track your inventory.

Parsley creates your inventory sheets automatically, and adds to them as you add or change recipes. It creates your par lists the same way, making sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Place and receive your orders.

Parsley automatically prepares and places your orders based on the parameters you choose, including par levels, special events, and current inventory.