Using a Central, Online Recipe Database to Improve Your Bottom Line

Using a Central, Online Recipe Database to Improve Your Bottom Line

Most restaurants start out with standard recipes that in the best case, have also been properly written down and costed.  Often however, the actual recipes used in the kitchen start diverging from those standard recipes very  quickly.  There are several reasons this happens:

  1.   Once you start using the recipes in your kitchen, you find that some changes would be helpful. You may mark these changes in your recipe book, but mostly you know them by heart
  2.   Once your staff starts using the recipes in the kitchen, they make their own changes – either intentionally, or because they’re working from memory, and errors creep in
  3.   You add seasonal recipes or specials, but don’t have the time to do the full analysis and costing

These changes cause a number of disruptions, that affect your customers’ experience, and your bottom line:

  1.   While you may think your whole staff knows of the changes, as new people come in, the changes you so carefully tested maybe forgotten
  2.   Working from memory, different staff members may cook the dish differently, resulting in an uneven customer experience, and customer dissatisfaction, especially for repeat customers who         remember how their favorite dish used to look and taste
  3.   You may be losing money, or overpricing your specials, and your purchasing and inventory sheets may not reflect the additional ingredients you need

For all these reasons, a central recipe database, that all your staff can access (from their phones, or from tablets you set up in the kitchen), and that is also used for costing, purchasing, and inventory, can make a tremendous difference to both your staff’s productivity, your customers’ satisfaction, and your bottom line.

This is why we designed Parsley to be a particularly good recipe editing, costing, pricing, and management system, with special read-only accounts for kitchen staff.  Once you’ve entered a recipe into Parsley, Parsley will take care of the rest.  It will cost your recipe (along with a built-in pricing tool), and then Parsley will:

  1.   Create and update your inventory sheets for you, including any ingredients that have been added when you changed your recipes or added new ones
  2.   Create your par sheets and purchase orders, both for everyday operations and for special events, ensuring that nothing is left out, and the quantities are correct – less 86’ing, and more accurate ordering does wonders both for your revenues and customer satisfaction, and to keep your costs in check.
  3.   Automatically create your prep lists for you, ensuring that your staff has enough of each prepped ingredient and sub-recipes (sauces, juices, syrups), to ensure that you’re ready for the rush.

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