Accurate Prep Lists – One of the Most Underrated ways to Improve Your Productivity

Accurate Prep Lists – One of the Most Underrated ways to Improve Your Productivity

A few months into starting my own prepared meal service, as we were starting to grow rapidly, I had a staff meeting.  The first thing my staff told me: “You need to have at least one prep cook, and you need to have prep lists ready first thing in the morning”.  And how right they were.  We couldn’t have grown as fast as we did, and with as little waste and with as much efficiency, without them


That’s why I was surprised to find that many restaurants don’t use prep lists, and when they do, those lists are often not particularly accurate. That’s because they’re often done by having staff go over the recipes for the day, and make an estimate of what they’ll need.  Sometime that works, but when there are special events, or new dishes, or when you’re just starting out and don’t have a history telling you how much you need, it often does not.  And even when it does, it requires extra administrative work – not fun.


When designing Parsley we wanted to make sure that prep lists were an integral part of the app, and would be created automatically for our users.  So that you’ll never have to manually create a prep list again!  Parsley’s prep lists are created automatically and consist of two different types of preps:


  1. Prep Recipes (otherwise known as sub-recipes).  For example, this would be how much salad dressing, how much pie dough, how much glaze, and how much cassis syrup need to be prepared.
  2. Prepped Ingredients – this includes items like chopped onions, trimmed meat, peeled potatoes, etc. Parsley adds up how much you use in all your recipes, and includes it all in one prep sheet, along with the prep recipes.

Here’s a sample prep list.  And here’s a link to a video that shows you how Parsley creates them.  Usethem, and find your productivity go up, and your stress levels go down.


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